Jun 5, 2012
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In order to better able to bring those that are interested in preserving, recording, and exchanging information about the history of Winslow Township, NJ and to be the repository for Winslow Township's family history, the WGHS has re-instated the Winslow History page on Facebook.  Check it out here.
Apr 27, 2012
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We experienced some problems & issues with the previous photo gallery that we had online, so if you were viewing the photos that were displayed there you will notice a compeltely different layout.  We hope that you come back often to view the updates.  Do you have any old photos about Winslow Township?  Please feel free to upload them here.  Full credit for your contributions.
Apr 25, 2012
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After a few months I have decided to rebuild the Winslow Genealogical & Historical web site.  But instead of spending time trying to come up with my own design & to try to keep up with all of the different web technologies out there I decided to utilize third-party applications.

1.  The main site powered by CMS Made Simpleand allows me to concentrate on the contents and not the functionality and the designs.

2.  The Wiki is powered by MediaWiki and is the main site for the majority of our projects.

3.  The tentative photo album is being presented through Gallery 3.0.2 (Coollanta). More then likely I will be changing the application.  However, right now I am trying recover all of the previous photos that were on the site when they were lost when the web site was hacked.

4. The Blog utilizes technology.

CMS - - Faanui

Project Application

If you wish to participate in any of the current research projects or want to suggest a different one, please complete the form below and submit.  Be sure to complete all of the input fields so that your application is not delayed. Submitting an application does not cost you anything and being a participant in a research project does not involve any membership fees.  The projects are ad hoc based and the details of how participants are to contribute will be explained in greater detail when you are contacted.
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